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Get the Thai Work Permit with GKL Consultants! (legal services, accounting)

The Thai work permit allows you to work and operate business in Thailand as a skilled professional or even as an employer. The work permit is required in order to be able to work legally in the Kingdom of Thailand. Working without a Thai work permit might cause severe consequences. A foreigner, who is arrested for working without work permit, will be punished with a fine or imprisonment..

In fact, you will also need a work permit to:

  • Open a personal bank account
  • On your company’s bank account, get signatory authority on cheques
  • Apply for a one year visa extension
  • Purchase a motor vehicle in your own name
  • Get a telephone line in your own name

A work permit is a blue booklet about the size of a passport which has your photo, information and pages for updates.

An employer, such as your own company, must apply on your behalf. This company must have registered capital of at least 2 million baht per expat work permit, and must maintain a Thai-to-foreigner ratio. Your company must offer you a minimum salary according to your nationality and job description. Your job classification must be permitted, and your job description must be perceived as beneficial to Thailand and not taking away a job from a Thai. You must be holding a “Non Immigrant B” visa.

After you receive your work permit, then you get a personal tax ID card at the Revenue Department, which is a plastic laminated card approximately the size of a driver’s license but it does not have your photo on it. That card has your tax ID number on it.